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Monday, April 1, 2013

Milwaukee Art Museum | ArtPacks

We are very lucky to live so close to a wonderful art museum with an exceptional children's program.  We visit quite often, Ignacio loves it.  This will be the first in a series of posts dedicated to the MAM.  The museum offers ArtPacks that you can borrow free of charge while during your visit.  Each pack includes a self-guided (hands-on) project to be completed in the galleries.  Each pack is unique and inspired by a specific art work found in the museum.  These are just a few that we've completed.

On this day we were joined by Mia and another friend of theirs.  The first pack they tried corresponded with Red, Yellow, Blue II by Ellsworth Kelly.  It consisted of three large stretchy tubes of fabric to make their own performance art.

They then worked on the pack available for The King's Jester by Joán Miró.  They were able to make a collage version of the jester as well as draw a smaller version to keep for themselves.

The girls went home after lunch, but we decided to stay a little longer.  Ignacio was able to try their King for the Day costume by borrowing the General Monk Receiving King Charles II on the Beaches of Dover by Benjamin West pack.  He had a blast and said it was his favorite part of the day.  How awesome is this?

I thought I'd try something different with the pictures, I like it.  I really want to get in the habit of blogging regularly again and thought I'd have a little fun.  I'll be back soon.


Anonymous said...

Love everything about this! I agree that the picture looks great this way! :)~Gina