Eva Marina Homeschools

Friday, April 5, 2013

Fun at home

This is my first time posting with the Blogger app, hopefully it will work as well. Sorry for any typos or auto-corrects.
Francisco has a nasty cold, so we are enjoying a Friday at home. Ignacio worked on a little math and spelling this morning. Then we spent a good two hours painting and listening to Pandora.

We had lunch, then played with Play-Doh. We put together some puzzles and just now Ignacio won at Cooties. Good way to spend a Friday.

ETA: Well, that was easy.  I just wished it gave you more options when posting pictures.  It posted them one after another at the end of the post and in the opposite order of how I uploaded them.  No biggie, easy enough to edit once I get on the laptop.  Should help me be a lot more consistent about blogging.  I'm excited!  :)