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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Everyday Surprises

I love stumbling along unexpected discoveries, as small as they may be.  I was reminded of one such moment when I came across these pictures.  A few months ago we were in the middle of a simple experiment, one that we’ve done quite a few times.  Ignacio likes to observe the changes in flowers when soaking in dyed water.  On this day there was one small change.  We normally use either red or blue dye, both primary colors.  On this occasion Ignacio asked to use purple instead.  I only added a few drops to the water, it wasn’t too concentrated.  Well, an interesting thing happened.  As the flower absorbed the water, it divided the primary colors within the mixed dye. 

Here you can see how the red remained close to the base of the flower.

Only the blue made it to the tips of the petals.

Have you ever really taken a look at the insides of a flower?  So beautiful.

Life is all about the details.  Remember to pause and enjoy them.