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Friday, September 3, 2010

stART | Rainbow Fish

Ignacio and I really enjoy two things: reading and crafting!  We have completed quite a few book inspired art projects this year.  When I read about A Mommy's Adventure stART project, I knew I wanted to participate.  I'll try to post more of our projects, I'd like to have the blog up to date.  I didn't reallly intend to blog about these, so I don't have too many pictures.  I'll make sure to take more pictures in the future.

I bought a new pack of glitter glue and thought a Rainbow Fish project would be perfect to break them in.  We've read a few books in the Rainbow Fish series, but on this day we read the original Rainbow Fish.

We read it and talked it over.  I hadn't realized how strongly people felt about this book (you can read the reviews on Amazon if this is also news to you).  I'm kind of neutral to it, I can see both points of view.  I just thought it was a good story for talking about arrogance and sharing.  Most importantly I wanted illustrations with glitter!  ;) 

We decided to each make our own Rainbow Fish.  On this post I will only be sharing Ignacio's fish, since that is the only one I have a picture of.  First Ignacio drew his Rainbow Fish using a pencil.  Then he colored it using his new box of 96 Crayons.  He had a lot of fun with the variety of colors available and especially loved using some of the metallic and glitter crayons.  He also added some under sea "foliage" around his fish.  He finished by adding a few shimmery scales using his new glitter glue

Here is his finished piece:

I'm not sure if you can make out the detail and glitter.  I took a picture of it because I didn't want gliter on my scanner.  It is currently on our dining room wall.  Ignacio loved how it turned out.  He also chose to write "Rainbow Fish" for his tracing/copy work that day.