Eva Marina Homeschools

Monday, August 30, 2010

Goals For Our First Year

For the most part I’m going to let him set the pace of our first year. I want him to be excited about learning, especially about learning at home. I know at this age it will be a little difficult for him to understand why he is not going to “school” when all of his cousins and friends are. He asked me about it a lot this summer. Now when he meets people he tells them that he goes to school at home.

I’m going to focus on teaching him math, reading and writing. After all, this is the foundation of learning everything else in the future. I am also making it a point to teach him Spanish. I am fully bilingual, unfortunately he would always refuse to speak it and would act as though he didn’t understand me when I spoke in Spanish. I was asking him about it earlier this summer and he told me why that is. He explained that none of his cousins speak Spanish and he doesn’t want to be the only one that speaks does. I’ve been trying to keep our little Spanish lessons lighthearted. Whenever he speaks it on his own or catches on to a new word I make sure to show my excitement. After one month of trying this new approach, he is not fighting me on it anymore. As far as the other subjects go, I am going to follow more of an interest led approach. If he asks me a question about something I make sure to expand on it. We go to the library and check out books on the subject. I come up with art projects and sometimes he even chooses to use a new word for tracing/copying practice. I plan to continue with this approach.

I also want to use this year to set the rhythm of our home. I’m going to let us naturally fall into a routine and base our schedule (or lack of) on that. I’ve decided to have our school year run August through July, taking breaks as needed. I would also like to meet other local homeschoolers and join a co-op.